elanev Vulnerability wins Credit and Technology 2017 Award!

elanev Vulnerability wins Credit and Technology 2017 Award!

elanev is proud to announce that the elanev Vulnerabilty product has won the “Best Financially Vulnerability Solution” as voted by the judges of the Credit and Technology 2017 Award.

How does it work?

elanev Vulnerability is based on a dynamic data-set built across the UK from open data sources and supported by our client’s observation data and the latest in machine learning technology. The data-sets use predictive analytics to predict the “here and now” situation, rather than relying solely on historical data. Tests have shown that elanev Vulnerability identifies the three-quarters of financially vulnerable customers that are currently up to date with their credit commitments.

The solution can be used in three ways;

    •  Benchmark a portfolio against the whole of the UK so you can assess the financially vulnerable risk associated with a book
    • Identify the customers most likely to be financially vulnerable for pro-active management
    • Monitor your portfolio against the changing UK data-set and notifying you when customers move into a classification of “financial vulnerability”.

How can I assess it?

The product is available to assess as pilot. You only need to send us a file of customers where you know some to be Financially Vulnerable and compare our scoring to your observations. The service is delivered through secure FTP as a batch file. The service is also supported by the new elanev Predictive MI product.

More Information

For more information click here or contact us at enquiries@elanev.com