elanev propensity scoring – Strong results

elanev propensity scoring – Strong results

Following 12 months consistent use across multiple portfolios, elanev clients are consistently showing a decrease in their operational costs through the application of the elanev propensity scoring solutions.

The propensity scoring is based on elanev-data which is GDPR compliant since it is built from open source and other data sources and is based on Geography, not personally identifiable information. The scores are built in consultation with each client and deployed completely free of charge. The process is completely automated so scores can typically be appended and strategies aligned within minutes of loading a portfolio. elanev only charge based on a percentage of monies saved through the deployment of the service, meaning that the solution is deployed “cost neutral” to each user.

Outbound activity is aligned to the score bands (and SLA’s) ensuring that accounts are worked compliantly but as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each user of the scoring controls the strategic alignment to each score band for complete control. The solution is supported by the latest in machine learning technology ensuring that the scoring continues to improve each time it is run and that the scores remain relevant to the changing portfolio being worked.

Clients of the propensity scoring service are consistently reporting a reduction in monthly OPEX of between 20% and 30%.

Reach out to us to ask for a free model build and assessment. We take all of the risks and you only pay if we can save you costs without significantly impacting on your collections performance.

The solution will also be fully supported by the elanev predictive MI suite for complete control and transparency of the solution performance.

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