Supporting the Recoveries Industry

Supporting the Recoveries Industry

I expect like others, you’ve had to mobilise a remote based operation and will be bracing for short term resource challenges, and different instructions from your issuers.

As industry veterans we appreciate your considerable operational and service challenges and want to help. Therefore, elanev would like to extend the offer we are giving our current clients to you and provide all of our propensity scores at cost for 12 weeks.

Our suite of scores;

  • Propensity for financial vulnerability
  • Propensity for payment in full
  • Propensity for long term payment
  • Propensity for contact
  • Customer channel preference
  • Best time to contact

are helping businesses like yours focus on the right customers at the right time and through the most appropriate channel.

Implementation couldn’t be easier, it’s a CSV file transferred in and out, and there are no data licences or commitments to the service.

Give Steve a call on 07791 990819 or John a call on 07769 725502 to discuss how we can help you reduce some of the considerable operational pressures you are currently facing.

We wish you the very best through the challenging months ahead.