elanev® provides market leading real time analytic solutions for purchasing, managing, servicing and selling and servicing businesses and portfolios.

Our cloud hosted products include operational risk modelling, financial vulnerability screening, dialler optimisation, propensity scoring, debt pricing and valuation, extended recovery curve modelling and debt price evaluation.

elanev is a consortium of industry professionals who have taken the leading analytical and mathematical practices and deliberately commoditise them into a real-time web based analytical hub, giving you the insight that you need, when you need it.

Cloud based real time analytic solutions for Purchasers, Sellers and Business and Risk Managers.


Have you ever had too many books to price at once and unable to prioritise for your analytics teams? Have you ever drip feed a dialler and your letter issue because of capacity limits? Have you ever wanted to know how much a book would be worth if you offered it for sale? Do you want to know just how much your current purchased assets are worth now and in the future? Do you need a regulatory compliant risk model?

elanev is proud to offer solutions to these and other challenges, with meaningful analytical tools provided, whenever you need it.