Delivery Model

Our delivery model means you can access our products with no IT change. Our delivery model also means there is no GDPR implication. This is because we use our own unique data sets so you don’t have to share your customers’ personal identifiable data.

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Our approach

Machine learning AI

Machine learning AI
• Continuously aligns to your portfolio
• Ensures statistically significant gains

Cloud based

Cloud based
• No need for IT implementation / change
• Simple secure file transfer

elanev® Data

elanev® Data
• Observed, dynamic award winning data
• Applicable to all UK households

Automation RPA

• 24x7x365 access to our products
• Configurable to meet your needs


• No personal customer data required
• No GDPR implication


• Leading ISO20071 certified servers
• Highly restricted access, no client data stored

Aligned to you

• Compliments your business, processes and strategies
• Non-prescriptive, apply to your current campaigns

Pilot now

• Latest RPA and parallelisation for fast return of results
• Rapid process execution core to our process design

Independent data

• No bureau data required, save on data costs
• No need to share your historic data sets


• Access summary performance reports
• Discuss with you at regular stakeholders meetings

Reduce OPEX
• Pricing based on reduced OPEX benefit
• No licensing fees


Trusted and proven
• Trusted supplier, products in use at leading firms
• Award winning products and team