Delivery Model

Our unique proprietary data means there is no need for you to share personal identifiable customer information; no GDPR implication. We deploy using our secure software as a service (SaaS) approach; no IT change required. Meaningful results are ensured through our considered use of analytics.  No benefit, no fee.

elanev brand mark

Our approach

• Continuously aligns to your portfolio
• Ensures statistically significant gains

Cloud based
• No need for IT implementation / change
• Simple secure file transfer

elanev® Data
• Observed, dynamic award winning data
• Applicable to all UK households

• 24x7x365 access to our products
• Configurable to meet your needs

• No personal customer data required
• No GDPR implication

• Leading ISO20071 certified servers
• Highly restricted access, no client data stored

• Compliments your business, processes and strategies
• Non-prescriptive, apply to your current campaigns

• Latest RPA and parallelisation for fast return of results
• Rapid process execution core to our process design

• No bureau data required, save on data costs
• No need to share your historic data sets

• Access summary performance reports
• Discuss with you at regular stakeholders meetings

No benefit, no fee
• Based on a demonstration of the gain to you
• No benefit, no fee; we are incentivised by your gain

Trusted and proven
• Trusted supplier, products in use at leading firms
• Award winning products and team