Our solutions

elanev® provides cutting-edge, award-winning solutions to help businesses like yours. Our real-time cloud based products are purposefully designed to save you time and money; wherever possible we price on an OPEX basis. We are a fully GDPR compliant company; none of our products require personal data.


Contact optimisation

Contact your customers quicker. The only solution to work on accounts with no previous attempt history and across multiple channels (call, SMS, email etc). Identifies the best time to contact each customer, reducing attempts and increasing rate of contact. Supported by the latest AI technology to deliver unrivalled results.

Financial vulnerability

Understand the chances of your customers being financial stressed or of low financial resilience. Our multiple award-winning Financial Vulnerability screen is updated daily to provide the UK’s only near future UK wide financial vulnerability measurement.

Propensity scoring

Our propensity scoring delivers measurable profit to your business through predicting an event or an outcome. For example predicting if a customer will take a new product, return a call or pay an account.

Daily decisioning

Determine the optimal action to be applied to each account each day to meet your end-of-month, or end-of-period, business needs. Our scoring ensures that queues are optimised each day so that the right accounts are worked, at the right time, using the right channel in accordance with the priorities of your business.

Predictive MI

Timely management information is core to every business but as soon as the ink has dried it is out of date! Our MI uses the latest in AI techniques aligned to your portfolio attributes and business needs to predicted end-of-month or end-of-period projection outcomes. This allows you to prioritise actions based on the most immediate need of the business to ensure the desired outcomes.

Operational risk

Understand the impact of operational risks to your business. Apply our industry benchmarked, regulatory cognisant operational risk model to quantify potential losses from such risks. Assess your capital provision in the regulatory accepted way.

Cyber risk

Another first from elanev! Our industry-leading cyber risk model has been in service since Q1 2017; in June 2018 the IMF proposed a similar, but still very theoretical approach! Apply our regulatory cognisant cyber risk model to quantify potential losses from information, communication and technology risks in your business.

Credit concentration risk

Assess your credit concentration risk and meet your regulatory requirements by using our industry leading credit concentration risk calculator. Assess the credit concentration risk within your portfolios arising from an unequal weighting of loan amounts to single, or groups of, counterparties.

Extended recovery curve

Value your business like a large debt purchaser and use our automated tool to estimate the returns out to 15 years that you could expect from your current book. Then assess the impact of book purchases, macroeconomic shocks and regulatory change scenarios on your current book. Gain an indicative company valuation as well.

Debt pricing and valuation

Buying debt portfolios? Complete first stage pricing in real time, identifying main risks and points for due diligence to quickly determine second stage pricing strategies. Work products or placements that to date your business has limited historical data and experience of.

Debt price optimisation

Identify possible strategies for optimising return and profit. Rapidly scenario test costs associated with non-engagement strategy duration, litigation outsourcing and field stages to identify when and how to apply each relevant stage to optimise the return and profit from the debt portfolios you are considering.

Debt evaluation

Selling or financing debt? Understand stable vs high risk pricing in real-time. Independently benchmark and validate the price the purchaser is quoting for the portfolio. Validate the return on investment terms and the key risks on contractual clauses of the sale. Understand the strategies the purchaser may employ to optimise return and profit.