Daily Decisioning

  • Determine the optimal action to be applied to each account each day
  • Optimise your business portfolios by daily scoring each account based on the previous activity and actions
  • Ensure your operation concentrates on the most relevant cohort of accounts
  • Work your highest priority accounts in-time and align your business with your strategic objectives

The elanev Decision Engine incorporates multiple layers of the elanev scoring models which are all supported by the latest machine learning techniques. It is aligned to your portfolio attributes and your business requirements.

elanev have incorporated all of their propensity scoring models into a Daily Decision Engine, enabling users to determine the optimal action to be applied to each account each day.

The Decision Engine provides users with a predicted end-of-month or end-of-period projection of their performance across multiple reporting layers, so the user is able to prioritise their actions based on the most immediate need of the business.

The scoring ensures that the work queues are optimised each day ensuring that the right accounts are worked, at the right time, using the right channel in accordance with the priority of the business.

Contact us to inquire about the results, and how we might be able to deploy this technology into your company.

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