Contact Optimisation

  • Deploy your contact centre more effectively by prioritising your campaigns at the right time to maximise the propensity for contact.
  • Reduce operational costs by decreasing the time to contact and reduce the need for other more expensive contact strategies such as lettering.
  • Benefit from elanev’s independent data assets to determine the right time to contact new accounts when there is no contact history.

The elanev Contact Optimiser is truly unique in its ability to process and optimise new accounts that have not previously been attempted.

The elanev Contact Optimiser employs the latest machine learning techniques. It combines elanev’s unique independent data assets and the previous account attempt history to determine the best times to contact customers and the overall propensity for contact.

If an account has not been attempted before, then the elanev Contact Optimiser will determine the most appropriate times for the attempt. If an account has been attempted before then, the elanev Contact Optimiser will determine the optimal time for a contact based on the previous attempt history, our independent data assets and models within the elanev Contact Optimiser. The elanev Contact Optimiser will continuously re-calibrate the scoring, and the models, as new files are loaded. This ensures that the optimisation is always representative of the book that is being contacted.

It’s easy to implement, and you could be live within a week – Contact us.