Financial Vulnerability Screen

  • Limit the risk of large fines and sanctions by proactively identifying and appropriately treating financial vulnerable customers.
  • Benefit from the elanev Data near future assessment rather than a retrospective view based on credit performance provide by CRAs and other vendors.
  • Access a comprehensive measure of financial vulnerability beyond historic credit performance provide by CRAs and other vendors – only two thirds of financially vulnerable customers have adverse credit performance.

The award winning elanev Financial Vulnerability Screen is a comprehensive and cost-effective way of screening portfolios and ranking customers according to the risk of them being vulnerable.

Identifying the financially vulnerable is much more challenging than running public, default or full credit searches on your customer base. A recent study of over 100,000 customers by elanev, indicated that whilst most customers with adverse credit could be classified as financially vulnerable, only a third of the financially vulnerable customers actually had adverse credit at the point of assessment.

The award winning elanev Financial Vulnerability Screen benefits from elanev Data which incorporates a granular view of affluence, employment, migratory behaviours and other variables.  This ensures a “here and now”, near future assessment, rather than a retrospective view on a single characteristic i.e. credit performance provided CRA’s and other data vendors.

Unlike CRAs and other vendors elanev Financial Vulnerability Screen requires no personal identification data to be provided by you. Furthermore, elanev Data contains no personal identification data, no personal identifiable meta-data or any address data. We are fully GDPR complaint.

The benefits of the vulnerability screening service depend on the risk appetite of the business and the portfolio being assessed. However, the screening is applicable to all commercial entities, regardless of the industry or data sharing agreements. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate scoring to meet your business objectives, build, test and pilot these with you.