Propensity Scores

  • Reduce operational costs by identifying customers most likely to find a resolution to their customer journey.
  • Enhance capacity planning by determining the best channel for customer contact and the best time to attempt contact.
  • Benefit from the elanev Data near future assessment rather than a retrospective view on a credit performance as provided by CRAs and other vendors.

The elanev Propensity Score employs the latest machine learning techniques aligned to your portfolio attributes and your business requirements to improve your profit margin.

Predicting which accounts are most likely to pay has its benefits. However, predicting the customers most likely to find a resolution to their customer journey, can often deliver a better business benefit. This is because the operational costs of sending another letter or making another phone call can exceed the value from the collections. Therefore, the business benefits can come from increasing customer resolution rates, rather than focussing entirely on a few payments.

elanev Propensity Score benefits from elanev Data which includes the award winning elanev Vulnerability Screen.  elanev Data incorporates a granular view of affluence, employment, migratory behaviours and other variables.  This ensures a “here and now”, near future assessment, rather than a retrospective view on a single characteristic i.e. credit performance provided CRA’s and other data vendors.

Unlike CRAs and other vendors elanev Propensity Score requires no personal identification data to be provided by you. Furthermore, elanev Data contains no personal identification data, no personal identifiable meta-data or any address data. We are fully GDPR complaint.

The elanev proposition is unique. We understand the continency business model so we will work with you to determine the most appropriate scoring to meet your business objectives, build, test and pilot these with you. If the pilot proves successful then elanev will take a percentage of the monetary benefit to business, meaning that the scoring will never actually cost you anything.

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