Public Sector

Using our award winning UK wide data and latest AI, elanev products will increase the operational efficiency of your key processes.

  • Increase perfomance – increase efficiency, reduce costs and risks
  • Easy to approve – no GDPR implication as we don’t need personal identifiable customer data and no IT change required
  • No benefit, no fee – priced on a percentage of the benefit provided to you

Our products

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• Reduce costs and complaints; contact late payers sooner
• Increase outbound contact performance by at least 15%

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Increases customer contact rates and reduces third paty and answer machine contacts. Proven to give every 100 agents the productivity of at least 115. elanev Contact is unique, working on accounts not previously contacted and without the need for you to share historic data.

• Reduce complaints, screen for vulnerable customers
• Reduce staff pressure with our independent measure

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Independently inform conversations with customers self-identifying as financially vulnerable. elanev Vulnerability is built from an exhaustive set of dynamic UK financial indicators overlaid with validated up to date financial assessments, including vulnerability, making it more relevant and current than the alternatives.

• Increase performance with our bespoke scores
• Understand propensity to financial behaviours/outcomes

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Tailor your customer engagement and reduce complaints. Prioritise accounts for financial outcomes using elanev Propensity. Example scores include the propensity for a customer to pay an account or return an call. Proven to be highly predictive, reducing costs for our clients.

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