Customer contact

elanev Contact is a daily propensity for customer contact and best time for contact score proven to increase customer contact rates by c.15%.

  • Engage the right customers sooner with reduced attempts
  • Help as many customers as you can with your current resources
  • Reduce the £ cost per right customer contact
  • Unrivalled performance: scores accounts new to your contact operation; the only solution to do this
  • UK / US wide: applies to all customer accounts
  • Simple to apply: system of records / dialler agnostic
  • Omnichannel: apply to outbound, email, SMS, voice
  • Manage inbound volumes: when used with our ‘recommended channel’ scores

Leading clients

In live deployments daily customer contact rates are 15% greater with elanev Contact than with those provided by a well-known predictive dialler deployed with a dedicated dialler manager.


elanev Contact supports our technology and data driven approach. We are able to contact customers sooner and deliver an outcome to our clients earlier in the process

John, Director of Strategy and Transformation, Arvato Financial Solutions Limited. Arvato partnered with elanev to integrate elanev Contact scores into their collection strategies.

client deployment results

Easy to implement

No IT change required – we deploy using our secure software as a service (SaaS) approach.
No GDPR implication – no need for you to share personal identifiable customer information.
No extra cost – elanev Contact will increase your operational efficiency so you can reduce costs and increase profit

Pilot it now

Pilot now

Experience the significant business benefits of elanev Contact for yourself. Contact us to arrange for a no obligation pilot. Our unique approach means that your right party contact rates will increase. You could be live within a week.

Frequently asked questions


What is elanev Contact? The three best times (hours) for account level customer contact separated by your block time and accompanying propensity for contact, provided daily.

How do I apply it?

  • Select accounts using your current strategies
  • Sort each campaign by the likelihood (propensity) of contact at the recommended (3 best) time slot.
  • At the start of a time slot dial accounts, most likely first.
  • Once the time slot is up stop and repeat the process for the next time slot

What data do you use?  An inventory file; a simple daily extract from your system of records at the beginning of the day and a subsequent results file at the end of the day. No personal identifiable customer information is required within either file. We append our elanev Contact data to your inventory file and return it prior to the start of your day’s contact operation.

How is it provided? All three files are simple text (CSV) files transferred using secure file transfer protocol (ftp).

How do you use the results file? Your results file contains the account level outcomes from that day’s contact operation. We use these outcomes to re-calibrate our AI to ensure best alignment to your portfolio.

Is it multi-channel? elanev Contact works on email, SMS, voice blasts and outbound dialling. When used in conjunction with our ‘recommended channel’ scores it can be applied to email, SMS and to influence inbound volumes. See elanev Propensity for more details.

Do we need to change our existing campaign / strategies? No, elanev Contact is designed to support your existing strategies. Segment your accounts in accordance with your strategy but use the elanev Contact data to prioritise the optimal accounts for contact.

Our contact operation isn’t flexible, how do we align to your recommended times?  We can provide you with a sorted file or a set of files segmented by time, so you can attempt numbers at the optimal times.

We want to prioritise resolution / cures not just contact! elanev can also return propensity to pay / cure scores enabling campaigns to be optimised as per your strategic requirements. See elanev Propensity for more details of this product.